Birth Doula Services 

Do you have Medi-Cal in Stanislaus or Merced counties?
Medi-Cal now covers the cost of Doulas, and I am able to serve Medi-Cal clients! 

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It's important to me that I get to know you so I can give you the most personalized support I can!

For my clients, I create an individualized care plan so we can meet your needs and prepare you for labor & delivery and the transition to parenthood.

In-Person Prenatal Visit

Fill out paperwork/client intake/sign forms

Discuss your vision for birth

Answer questions

Discuss birth preferences

Additional in-person visits, if needed

Reduced rates for classes, if needed 

Weekly (and Biweekly) Virtual Meetings + Relaxation:

What?! Weekly meetings?! What's up with that?!

Here's why: It's important to me that my clients have adequate support; and it's a known fact that the more a pregnant person can practice relaxation with their Doula, the more effective it will be during labor and delivery. The meeting format that I'm currently enjoying is an in-person 4 hour birth planning session, followed by a weekly virtual meeting until you deliver (starting at 36 weeks, I offer twice a week meetings to really help make sure you are ready, and stay connected as your birth approaches). Each 30-40 minute virtual meeting is designed to honor your time. We cover some topics that I've selected based off of your individualized care plan. After the 30-40 minute virtual meeting, I give you a 5 minute break to get comfortable, and then I call you and I lead you through a relaxation/meditation that I have written for you (to enjoy in the privacy and comfort of your own home, it takes between 10-20 minutes) to help you prepare for your birth. My focus is very relaxation and education centered. No matter what kind of birth you are wanting to have, I will work with you to prepare you for what's to come. 

As far as I know this structure is something that is unique to me. I am enjoying this layout because it gives us continued contact and valuable time together. I find it very adaptable to whatever you are experiencing in the moment, and it gives us a chance to plan for what's to come. These sessions are tailored to what you need, and it is such an honor to be able to provide this for you! 

8 Hours of Postpartum Support
& Discounted rates on Postpartum Doula Care
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I offer free virtual meetings to get to know each other 

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Birth Doula Services

All Birth Doula packages include: 


Labor and Delivery: 



Please note that an additional traveling fee may be added if delivering outside of Turlock. All other meetings should be located within the vicinity of Turlock California, or a location as agreed upon with the Doula.

Need help paying for a Doula? Here are a few creative funding solutions:

This article offers great ideas: 

Also this got getting your insurance to cover a Doula: 

(Doula fees should be completely paid prior to 37 weeks or upon signing if over 37 weeks. Can be discussed at consultation.)

It's been shown that the more a client can work with their Doula on relaxation techniques and coping skills, the more responsive they will be to relaxation strategies during labor. When Doula guided relaxation is practiced, the body works more efficiently; this is why the presence of a Doula shortens the average time of labor. I have thoughtfully designed my packages to encompass as much relaxation support and preparedness as possible. 

I'm very excited to be able to offer such a unique style of packages that support ample time together, both before and after your baby is born, to give you and your partner the best support I can offer! -Doula Stephanie, Turlock Doula Services

For specialized Certifications, please note:

In addition to traditional Doula training, I have additionally been Certified as a Young Parent Support Specialist, and I'm also Certified in Trauma-Informed Care and Understanding Developmental Disabilities. If you are working with Turlock Doula Services for one of these reasons and I feel that the circumstances warrant additional sessions, I will discuss this with you and possibly add sessions or services as needed. This will be handled in a case-by-case basis. 

Loss and Bereavement Doula Services have a different pricing that will be discussed privately.

Please note that your insurance may reimburse for a portion of your Doula Services. If you are interested in learning more about Doula service coverage, contact your insurance about benefits, or contact me for assistance.

You can learn more about these certifications on the bottom of the "What Does a Doula do" page.

Pro Tip: Relaxation is an important tool for labor. 

"Relaxation allows the uterus to contract more efficiently, provides more oxygen for the baby, prevents excessive tiredness and fatigue, and promotes an easier recovery after the birth."  

-Madriella Birth Doula Education

The more you can practice relaxation techniques with your Doula, the easer it will be to relax and let the process guide you in labor and delivery.